Projects 4 & 5 April 25, 2017

Your company has purchased the code of a streaming video service. The plan is to use this code (and the associated data mining platform) for a future software product. Your team has been put in charge of this code.

The goal is to bring this code base up to the company coding standards by writing test cases and refactoring. You will not be adding any new features, or change the behavior of the code in any way, only improving the quality of the current functionality.

Create a private GitHub repository with the name StreamVideo. The initial code for this will come from the repository UACSSE480S/StreamVideo. Include as contributors all members of your team, Dr. Collard (mlcollard), and the TA (pt33).

Each member of the team will:


The project is due at the Final Exam, and will count for 2 projects.


A clarification. The only allowed changes to StreamVideo:

Any other changes to the project will count against the team.