Software Engineering (SE) February 27, 2018

Project 2 is due Monday, Mar 12 submitted via Brightspace. The format is the same as Project 1, with the filename Project2.txt

For Project 2 you will take all the user stories from Project 1 and create a series of iteration plans.

Use the examples in the book to show which parts of the user story you should show in your iteration plan (e.g., do not restate descriptions). Also, for each plan, clearly state the entire new iteration plan, not just the changes. However, make sure to thoroughly discuss what the change was and what affect it had.

Plan A: Create an initial iteration plan taking the following into consideration:

Plan B:

The customer has added two additional user stories with priority of 10. Assume that you were at the end of the first iteration when these were introduced. For the two new user stories, one should be a new feature and one should be an emergency situation. You will give them a non-trivial estimate (i.e., an estimate that makes the planning interesting).

Plan C:

A user story with a non-trivial estimate is taking twice as long. Assume this occurred right before your last iteration.

Plan D:

At the start of the last iteration of your current plan, the other developer is assigned to another project, and it is up to you to finish the project

Each member of your team will have different priorities for their user stories. To get your priorities for Project 2, select the number of user stories that you have:

User Story count: 20