T: iOS Development February 02, 2018

The purpose of Project 1 is make sure you have some feel for the syntax of Swift with two different Swift playgrounds where you are to enter the code to complete the comments.

For Playground b: A fundamental design pattern is MVC (Model-View-Controller). In a default iOS app, the View is the built-in UIView, the Controller is the class ViewController. The Model holds the application data.

Create a Model class or struct represent any sort of data, e.g., student information, fantasy baseball team, etc.. Really it can model anything at all, that is up to you. Just note that it may be made public to the rest of the class.

Your model class needs to contain all of the following:

Make sure to show in your code not only the definition of the struct/class and its methods, but also code that uses the struct/class. Use this as an opportunity to explore the Swift syntax.

Swift 4 Language Guide

These projects are to be submitted as Gists. Go to your GitHub account and create a private Gist for each one. Then go to the Class GitHub Account Form and add in the URLs for each part (now open for business).

Use Swift 4 in Xcode 9.2 (or higher) for this. The Mac Lab in CAS 254 has this installed.

All due dates are 11:59:59 pm of the stated day.