Paper Set 5 September 15, 2017

The following papers will be presented and discussed during the class period on Tuesday, Sep 19. You are expected read these papers and be prepared to discuss them in class.

[Dig06] Danny Dig and Ralph Johnson. 2006. How do APIs evolve? A story of refactoring: Research Articles. Journal Software Maintenance and Evolution 18, 2 (March 2006), 83-107. PDF Presenter: Lakshmi Prasanna Lolla

[Kim11] Miryung Kim, Dongxiang Cai, and Sunghun Kim. 2011. An empirical investigation into the role of API-level refactorings during software evolution. In Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE ‘11). ACM DL Presenter: Dinesh Kumar Reddygari