CPSC 480-010 Software Engineering (SE) Fall 2023

Project 1: Requirements Report

Project 1 is due 11:59:59 pm Thursday, Sep 28, in the file Requirements.md in a GitHub Classroom repository. You will need a GitHub account. Once you have an account, an invitation link to create the repository is on the Brightspace course page.


At your place of work, you need to submit a formal report describing the project's current state. Write a report of your individual and team activities, including:

In other words, all the work and processes followed while creating the user stories and their estimates. The details of the process and procedure and the general observations are in the form of a narrative, i.e., describe what you did, how you did it, and the result, ordered by time. The report's tone is professional, with a clear, consistent presentation.

The team created the User Stories and Estimates, but this report is an individual project. In your account, make changes to User Stories if they do not follow the guidelines given in the book. These changes are especially crucial for the Title and the Description. Split User Stories if the Estimate is too large. Explain any changes in your report.



The report content, format, and involvement in team activities are all considered for your score.

Think very carefully about the presentation of the report, including how you are using Markdown. Remember, the User Stories are an unordered set not an ordered list.