CPSC 480-010 Software Engineering (SE) Fall 2023

Exercise 32: Team User Story Estimates VII

As a team, create estimates for the user stories by playing planning poker using the procedure described on pages 48-49 of the book.

Estimate the rest of your user stories. If you have estimates for all of your user stories, estimate more tasks.

When the team reaches a consensus for the estimate, place the estimate at the bottom of the User Story on a separate line, e.g., "Estimate: 1 day" or "Estimate: 3 days".

Individually, each team member will turn in to Brightspace individual notes that include for each round of planning poker:

If the team cannot reach a consensus, table that User Story and go on to another one.

Modify the above when you estimate a task instead of a user story.

The notes are due by the end of class. They can be a PDF (print to file from a computing device) or a JPG (picture taken via phone). The notes are for today only. Do not start with the notes from the previous team meeting.

The more you work with the user stories, the more you will find improvements to them. Be sure to make those improvements.