CPSC 480-010 Software Engineering (SE) Spring 2023

User Story Titles

Overall feedback based on Exercise 7: Team User Stories.

User Stories are Actions

Of the 48 candidate User Stories generated in Team Exercise User Stories, 35 (73%) have invalid User Story titles.

The following are some that are not valid user story titles

User story titles are not things, i.e., they are not nouns. The title is an action to perform followed by what to perform it on. They are in the Verb Object or Verb Phrase form. User story titles are never a single word as they need a verb and an object.

The title of a user story completes the sentence "The user will be able to …"

For words that can be both a noun and a verb, e.g., "Report", assume it is a noun, except in cases that include another noun, e.g., "Report a missing item".

User stories are not tasks for the developer. A single user story often requires multiple tasks.

Capitalization Style

In terms of style, choose one of the following:

All user stories for each team must follow the same style. I suggest the Capitalize All form, as the book uses this form.


The following are User Story titles that are actions but have other issues: