CPSC 480-020 Software Engineering (SE) Fall 2023

Exercise 23: Team Iteration

As a team, create the first iteration. Consider all of the user stories with estimates.

You have 1 developer and a one-month iteration with a 70% velocity. To get priorities, select the number of user stories:

User Stories: 30

Note: You may get a warning from your browser that the information is not secure. You can safely ignore that.

Use the principles in the book to decide which user stories belong in the first iteration.

Individually, each team member will turn in to Brightspace notes with the following:

Do not assume any dependencies between user stories.

The notes are due by the end of class. They can be a PDF (print to file from a computing device) or a JPG (picture taken via phone).

If you finish early, work on the estimates for your user stories. All user stories will require estimates for Project 2.