Week 1 Class 2 Thu Jan 14 Posted: Jan 14

Class session:

Note: How to View Your Commits Allows you to verify that you pushed all your commits from your local repository to the GitHub repository. If you can see it at GitHub, I can see it at GitHub.

Special Announcement Make sure that you use your @uakron.edu email to view and send email. While mail to your @zips.uakron.edu account is forwarded, there are issues. For more information see the Migration Website

  1. Announcements:

    I posted the scores for the first class session exercises, including the two crosswords and the course survey.

    The posts for the first class session are now in the Archive. I only keep relevant posts on the course page.

    Exercise 5 requires using Git and a Git Repository to complete. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, please read over the provided material. If you get stuck or have questions, let me know via Discord or email. We use Git for the programming projects, so this is a chance to make sure everybody is able to work on them.

  2. Screencast: Software Design Characteristics notes
  3. Exercise 4: Software Design Characteristics Crossword

    As per course requirements, you must view the corresponding screencast through Brightspace to receive any credit for the crossword.

  4. Screencast: rainfall I

    As you view the screencast, complete Exercise 5 rainfall.cpp.

    GitHub Rainfall - GitHub project for the code entered in the screencast

    Rainfall Steps - All the commits. On the GitHub page’s far right, click the < > to see the code as it existed in that commit.

  5. Exercise 5: rainfall.cpp

    Take the original rainfall.cpp code and make the same changes that I made in the screencast rainfall I.

    To do this, you will use a repository from GitHub Classroom. First, log in to your GitHub account. Then, click on the invitation link (GitHub Classroom Invitation - rainfall) on main course page in Brightspace. Follow the directions to link your GitHub account to your UA email. If you need any help on this, view Creating a Repository through GitHub Classroom.

    Once you create your repository, you can clone it, make the changes, and use git to commit your changes. If you have any questions on using git, see the separate post on Using Git. Although not required, I strongly suggest making the same commits as I do in the screencast. Note that every commit needs to compile.

    If you have any questions or issues, make sure to contact me.

Screencast Folder: Class 2 Thu Jan 14

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Friday, Jan 15