Week 2 Class 3 Tue Jan 19 Posted: Jan 19

Class session:

  1. Announcement: Exercise 5: rainfall.cpp Feedback

    Scores and feedback are in Brightspace.

    View the generated report for your code, the file ReportI.html, in a browser. Easiest is to update your repository (i.e., git pull), and then view the file in your browser Chrome Directions.

    Although weighted the same as other exercises (e.g., a crossword), this is an important exercise. It indicates whether you can code enough even to start the programming projects as they are assigned. Please take the comments seriously.

  2. Announcements:

  1. Screencast: rainfall.cpp II

    As you view the screencast, complete Exercise 6 rainfall.cpp II.

    References: std::vector, std::istream_iterator, std::max_element(), std::accumulate()

    GitHub Rainfall - GitHub project for the code entered in the screencast

    Rainfall Steps - All the commits. On the GitHub page’s far right, click the < > to see the code as it existed in that commit.

  2. Exercise 6: rainfall.cpp II

    Take your rainfall.cpp code from Exercise 5 and make the same changes as in the screencast rainfall II.

    This time, there are some extra requirements:

    Your code must build and compile. If you have a build warning or error, fix these before making any more changes to the code. Note: Ignore the warning for -Wsign-compare.

    The compiler needs to support C++17. Turn on all warnings (in g++ and clang, this is -Wall). There is a Makefile with the project that does all this.

  3. Screencast: Algorithmic Decomposition notes
  4. Exercise 7: Algorithmic Decomposition Crossword

Screencast Folder: Class 3 Tue Jan 19

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Wednesday, Jan 20