Windows and WSL2

If you are on Windows, you should setup WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). WSL2 gives you a proper Linux installation, with a bash shell and all. git bash is sufficient for entering git commands, and it is possible to add the other tools you need to it, but do not.

To install WSL2:

  1. Make sure Windows is updated as much as it can be. More recent versions of Windows make it much, much easier to setup WSL2.
  2. Use these directions to find your Windows Version
  3. Use these directions to install WSL2. Try the “Simplified Install” first, as it is much, much easier. I believe that you may not need to be on the Windows Insider Program to use the “Simplified Install”. Let me know if you can, use this straightforward install. It does not hurt to try the “Simplified Install”.
  4. If the “Simplified Install* does not work. Then use the Manual Installation Steps.
  5. Once you have setup WSL2, probably with Ubuntu, then you can install the needed packages:
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install g++ make

If apt is not installed, use apt-get