Week 3 Class 5 Tue Jan 26 Posted: Jan 26

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  1. Announcements:

    Remember that all posts are available in the Archives on the main course page. Look there if you need a reminder to install CMake or Ninja, Windows and WSL2, etc.

    From the timings that you did for OOPS21-read, the largest speedup has a min of 2.47, a maximum of 1,726, an average of 312, and a median of 211. Overall, the choice of how to read has a significant impact on the time a program takes.

  2. Announcement: Exercise 6: rainfall.cpp II

    Scores and feedback are in Brightspace.

    View the generated report for your code, the file ReportII.html, in a browser. Easiest is to update your repository (i.e., git pull) and then view the file in your browser Chrome Directions.

    As with the first rainfall.cpp exercise, this is an important exercise. Please take the comments seriously.

  3. Screencast: XML notes

    I added a slide with a Names Example at the end after recording the screencast. Take a look, especially for the crossword.

  4. Exercise 1011: XML Crossword

    Note: The exercise counter is off. There are two “Exercise 10”s. I will fix the numbers after I grade on Wednesday.

  5. Screencast: Function Scalar Parameters

    function-mlcollard The repository demonstrated in the screencast.

    Note This is part 1 of 2. The second screencast (on Thursday) covers pay(). For now, work on and commit average() and order(). I may not have shown the commit and push for order() in the screencast, but go ahead and do so.

  6. Exercise 1112: function

    Take the original code shown in the screencast Function Scalar Parameters and make the same changes as in the screencast.

    Clone a starting repository from GitHub Classroom using the invitation link posted on Brightspace. As before, first, log in to your GitHub account and then use the invitation link. If you need any help on this, view Creating a Repository through GitHub Classroom.

    Once you create your repository, you can clone it, make the changes, and use git to commit your changes. Although not required, I strongly suggest making the same commits as I do in the screencast. As always, your code must build and compile for every commit.

    If you have any questions or issues, make sure to contact me.

  7. Exercise 1213: DesignFun.cpp

    Complete the program DesignFun.cpp following the instructions in the program.

    Upload the file to the DesignFun Form

Screencast Folder: Class 5 Tue Jan 26

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Wednesday, Jan 27