Week 3 Class 6 Thu Jan 28 Posted: Jan 28

Class session:

  1. Announcements:

    The screencast Function Scalar Parameters on Tuesday originally included average(), order(), and pay(). For time reasons, I split pay() off into a part II. We will do part II on Tuesday. Note on naming: I should have called that screencast Function Scalar Parameters I.

    The exercises on Tuesday had incorrect sequence numbers, i.e., there were two different Exercise 10. I renumbered those exercises.

    I am not finished on grades and feedback for Exercise 1112: function and Exercise 1213: DesignFun.cpp, but expect to be in a day or so.

  2. Announcement: Git Default Branch Name

    When a repository is first created, it automatically has a single branch, which is also the default branch. When you clone a repository, the default branch is the one you are using.

    Previously, by convention, when you created a GitHub repository, this single branch was named master. That default, single branch name is changing to main. You can read more here:


  3. Screencast: Project 1: srcFacts

    Project 1: srcFacts

    Note: I am noticing a random error with Visual Studio C++. This is not a problem on Linux and macOS. It is not a problem on Windows if you are using WSL2. I am working on this and will update your code once I find the cause.

    Similar to a real-world program, there is a lot to absorb about the project. Do not worry if it doesn’t make sense at first. We will continue to cover material during class sessions that apply to the project.

    We will discuss how to create Git tags on Tuesday. Git tags can be added to previous commits, so this will not slow you

  4. Exercise 14: Build & Run srcFacts

    1. Create your srcFacts repository from GitHub Classroom. The invitation link is on the Brightspace page.
    2. Clone the repository on your machine
    3. Build and run the demo
    4. Upload a screenshot to Brightspace of your program build and run

    Update Online Markdown Reader

    The due date for Exercise 14 is Sunday, Jan 31 at 4 pm. If you cannot get this exercise completed quickly during the class session, I suggest you continue to the other parts.

  5. Screencast: XML Event Parsing

    The example code and events shown in the screencast:

  6. Exercise 15: XML Event Parsing

    Given the XML file expr.cpp.xml, create an event list using the same format as shown in the screencast. Use event list for HelloWorld.cpp.xml as a guide and to copy relevant lines.

    Upload the file to the XML Event Parsing Form

    Hint: There are a total of 22 events numbered from 0 to 21.

  7. Screencast: Coding Style notes

    There is a display issue with the size of the course examples on the slides. You may need to zoom out in the browser.

  8. Exercise 16: Coding Style Crossword

Screencast Folder: Class 6 Thu Jan 28

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Friday, Jan 29