Week 4 Class 7 Tue Feb 02 Posted: Feb 02

Class session:

  1. Announcement: Guides

    The Notes page has a new section for Guides. These are writeups that are not in slide form (as the Notes are) but more like posts. Some of them were initially posts. However, as a post, these can get long, and they can be useful for reference at any point in the semester. I copied some existing posts that fit this category, and for this class session, added new guides:

    In the guides, a link that includes the term “Demo” means a short video. In Automating Testing, these are showterm sessions.

  2. Guide:: Installing CMake

    If you are on Ubuntu at all, even WSL2, make sure that you have the Kitware packages installed, even if you installed cmake from the regular Ubuntu package repositories. The most recent CMake version is 3.19.4. CMake is something that you want the most recent version. There is a Guide for Installing CMake on the Notes page.

    The Installing CMake instructions are updated since I based the directions on Ubuntu 18.04 (previous WSL2 default), and not Ubuntu 20.04 (new WSL2 default). If you are on Ubuntu 18.04, you should upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04. WSL2 Ubuntu Upgrade to 20.04

    On macOS, you can upgrade with brew:

     brew upgrade

    On a related note, I don’t see much activity in the srcFacts repositories. The next tags involve a lot more coding. Do not wait until the last minute. This is not a CS I assignment.

  3. Screencast: Vertical Development notes

    This screencast has no associated exercise. Just remember to apply it to your work on Project 1.

  4. Screencast: Function Scalar Parameters: pay()

    Part 2 of average() and order().

  5. Exercise 17: Function pay()

    Use the same GitHub Classroom repository that you used for average() and order(). First, make any changes that I noted in your feedback for Exercise 12: function. Make these changes part of your first commit.

    Then, take the code for the function pay() shown in the screencast Function Scalar Parameters: pay() and make the same changes as in the screencast.

  6. Screencast: Iterators notes
  7. Exercise 18: Iterator Crossword

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Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Wednesday, Feb 03