Week 4 Class 8 Thu Feb 04 Posted: Feb 04

Class session:

  1. Announcement: Notes

    When I present notes in the screencast, the content is often displayed incrementally.

    I removed the incremental view from the screencasts on the Notes page. If you would prefer the incremental form, e.g., as you follow along, let me know.

  2. Announcements: Project 1

  1. Screencast: Generalizing Functions notes

    Please pay attention to the search() as it shows an iterator as a parameter, and it also returns an iterator.

  2. Screencast: Naming notes

    Examples from the screencast: OOPS21-Dispatch

  3. Exercise 19: Naming Crossword
  4. Screencast: Method Naming Standards notes
  5. Exercise 20: Method Naming Standards Crossword
  6. Exercise 21: DesignFun.cpp II

    Take your DesignFun.cpp and from my feedback for Exercise 1213: DesignFun.cpp, and what you saw today, improve the functions.

    Upload the file to the DesignFun II Form

  7. Exercise 22: Value Experiment

    The repository ValueExperiment has 2 programs, problemA.cpp and problemB.cpp. Both have scalability and performance issues. They are cut-down versions of programs in production.

    Each program takes the data size as a program argument on the command line. For example, to run programA with a size of 100:

     time ./programA 100

    You will run both programs with different sizes and record data in the Value Experiment Form. That form tells you what data to collect and when to make a change.

    Overall, you will run the original programs with increasing powers of 10, modify the program, and compare the modified program to the original implementation.

    There is no code for you to upload, nor is there a GitHub Classroom repository. The only thing you need to submit is in the form. So once you get the program to build and know how to run them, open up the form and enter data as you go along.

Screencast Folder: Class 8 Thu Feb 04

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Friday, Feb 05