Week 5 Class 9 Tue Feb 09 Posted: Feb 09

There are many exercises today. However, the overall length of the required screencasts is shorter than is typical for a class session.

Class session:

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  1. Screencast: Physical Organization notes

    You already should know some of this, but I thought it would be good to clarify and point out a few things.

    One note to add: Include Guards belong only in include files (.hpp files). Never put an include guard in a .cpp file.

    I will not put preprocessor questions on the exams.

  2. Exercise 23: Physical Organization Crossword

    Answers with preprocessor directives include the ‘#’, e.g., “#include”.

  3. Exercise 24: Good Practices Crossword

    Go through the Good Practices page and fill out the crossword. The permanent link to the Good Practices is at the bottom of the main course page.

    There is a corresponding screencast, Good Practices, but I decided to make the screencast optional as it repeats a lot of what is on the page. Note that the crossword is required, while viewing the screencast is optional.

  4. Screencast: Free-Function Stereotypes notes

    The crossword refers to functions Example 1 and Example 2

    Predicate functions are very useful and important.

  5. Exercise 25: Free-Function Stereotypes Crossword
  6. Screencast: Concerns notes
  7. Exercise 26: Concerns Crossword
  8. Exercise 27: Concerns Quiz

    Only have one chance at answering these questions.

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Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Wednesday, Feb 10