Week 6 Class 11 Thu Feb 18 Posted: Feb 18

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Midterm Exam I post

    Very important to read over the post.

  2. Screencast: UML Class Design notes
  3. Exercise 29: UML Class Design Crossword
  4. Screencast: Cohesion I notes
  5. Screencast: Declaration Cohesion

    Note the related Exercise 30 to code along as you view the screencast.

    OOPS21-DeclarationCohesion Repository shown in the screencast

  6. Exercise 30: Declaration Cohesion

    Code along and commit what I show in the screencast.

    The GitHub Classroom link is on Brightspace.

  7. Screencast: Cohesion 2 notes
  8. Exercise 31: Cohesion Crossword

    The Cohesion Crossword is a bit more complicated than usual. It will help if you view the Cohesion notes as you fill the crossword out.

    The crossword covers the material in both screencasts Cohesion I and Cohesion II.

  9. Exercise 32: UML Class Diagram

    Create a UML Class diagram for the class Test as used in Midterm.cpp. Use the “Raw” button to see just the code.

    You can draw on paper and take a photo of the result.

    Upload to Brightspace as a PDF or an image file.

Screencast Folder: Class 11 Thu Feb 18

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Friday, Feb 19