Week 9 Class 15 Tue Mar 09 Posted: Mar 09

Class session:

  1. Announcements:

    The Midterm Comments screencast is the same one I posted about on Friday. You do not have to view it twice.

  2. Screencast: Midterm Comments
  3. Screencast: IoC: Inversion of Control notes

    I slightly changed the title of the notes from what is shown in the screencast.

  4. Exercise 39: IoC Crossword
  5. Exercise 40: IoC Quiz

    You can change your answers, but try to get them right the first time.

    All answers are auto graded, except for the essay question.

  6. Screencast: lambda.cpp

    Note the exercise to complete while viewing.

  7. Exercise 41: lambda.cpp

    Follow along with the screencast lambda.cpp and make the same changes to your lambda.cpp. Make sure that every declaration of the std::function f is assigned code to call.

    The GitHub Classroom link is in Brightspace.

Screencast Folder: Class 15 Tue Mar 09

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Wednesday, Mar 10