Final Exam

The first part of the Final Exam is the on-campus exam in Leigh Hall 307 12:15 - 1:30 pm on Thursday, Apr 8.

This in-person part is 75% of the Final Exam score. At the end of the semester, I will take the second part of the final exam (25% of questions) from your work on Project 4 (which I have not announced yet). It involves material that we cover in the 14th and 15th week of classes. I will post the Project 4 assignment before Spring Recess.

Because the in-person part of the Final Exam is 75% of the score, instead of a typical 100 points to answer, there are 75 points to answer. You still have the entire class time for the in-person part of the exam.


You are responsible for the following:

The exam has various problem types, including short answer, definition, comparison, diagrams, and coding.

Questions are from what I covered in class, the exercises, and the projects. If I did not cover it in class, it is not on the exam.