Week 12 Class 22 Thu Apr 01 Posted: Apr 01

Class session:

  1. Announcements:
  1. Screencast: VTables notes
  2. Screencast: Handlers notes

  3. Exercise 62: Handlers Crossword

  4. Screencast: DockerReport: Handlers

    A. Setup for YAMLParserHandler
    B. Change YAMLParser and DockerReportHandler to use the parser handler B. ParserEngine

    DockerReport Handlers UML Class Diagram

    DockerReport Handlers with ParserEngine UML Class Diagram

    For comparison:

    DockerReport IoC UML Class Diagram

    DockerReport Template Method UML Class Diagram

  5. Exercises 63-64: Handler Dictionary

    As before, the program Dictionary.cpp uses a class WordProcessor that implements extension points using Inversion of Control with lambda functions. As a reference, you can find that implementation at IoCDictionary, and you can also use your Exercise 60-61 Template Method solution.

    Your task is to create an equivalent program that uses Handlers:

    Starting files for this (with much of it already setup) are in the repository for DictionaryHandler. Your task is to finish the code to do what the IoCDictionary does, but using a Handler design.

    See Brightspace for the GitHub Classroom repository link for DictionaryHandler.

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Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Friday, Apr 02