XMLFramework Project

The project is a critical part of your overall grade in the course. Parts of it count toward 25% of the questions on the Final Exam. Consider this as a take-home part of the Final Exam. No matter how you performed on the previous projects, you need to work on this project.

The project is due by 11:59:59 pm on Friday, May 7. The XMLFramework counts as two projects, Projects 4 and 5. The project consists of:

The open-layered architecture framework, XMLFramework, supports all this and includes:

There is much code in the project already. The primary task is to finish the remaining @TODOs. Follow the following workflow:

  1. Decide on a // @TODO ... to complete
  2. Implement the // @TODO ...:
    1. Implement a part of the // @TODO ...
    2. Do not mention in your added code comments that you implemented an @TODO
    3. Note in the commit message what you added. Your commit message can mention the @TODO.
  3. When finished with a // @TODO ... item, remove the comment that contains the // @TODO .... When all finished, there should be no more @TODOs

Note that at no time can a single commit change more than one of the // @TODO ...s. A @TODO may require multiple changes and commits. At all times, the code should build and run.

The work involved is: