XML Framework and the Final Exam

The in-person Final Exam was taken on Thursday, Apr 8, is Part I and consisted of 75 points. Part II of the Final Exam will come from your work on XML Framework. The questions in Part II:

  1. (5 points) Create a UML Class Diagram for the XMLFramework
  2. (5 points) Document the use of design patterns in the XMLFramework.
  3. (5 points) Fix the XMLFramework so that it has complete encapsulation and information hiding.
  4. (5 points) Document the software architectures used in the XMLFramework.
  5. (5 points) Add the C++ inheritance specifiers override and final and the C++ constructor specifiers explicitmutabledefault, and delete to the XMLFramework where appropriate.

There is no report or questions to fill out. The answers to these come from your commits to XMLFramework.