Week 8 Class 15 Wed Oct 14 Posted: Oct 14

  1. Announcement:

    The feedback and score for Project 1 are in your GitHub repository with the filename Feedback.md. The score is also in Brightspace.

    The current deadline for Project 2 holds. However, I will allow changes to your Project 2 up to 11:59:59 pm on Friday, Oct 16.

  2. Screencast: Midterm Exam See separate post.
  3. Screencast: HFSD Chapter 8 Part A
  4. Exercises 39 & 40: TDD

    The next two screencasts, TDD Example Part A/B, present an example of using TDD to write a function.

    During the screencast, you are to write in each step of two files:

    You have a couple of choices:

    1. Submit as sort.cpp.txt and sort_t.cpp.txt
    2. Fork the repository and add the code that way.

    In all cases, the starting code/repository for sort.cpp and sort_t.cpp is found in sortTDDBase.

    Submit both files via Exercises 39 & 40: TDD

  5. Screencast: TDD Example Part A
  6. Screencast: TDD Example Part B

Screencast Folder: Class 15 Wed Oct 14

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Oct 15