Week 13 Class 25 Wed Nov 18 Posted: Nov 18

  1. Announcement:

    The schedule for the rest of the semester:

  2. Screencast: Project 4: Streaming
  3. Exercise 70: Project 4 Setup

    Complete this exercise before you view the next screencast.

    Create/add yourself to your team’s Project 4 repository via GitHub Classroom. The link is on the Brightspace course page.

    Create a new team if your team name does not appear. Otherwise, add yourself to your team. As always, if you have issues/questions on this, let me know.

    Failure to complete this exercise is a penalty of 10% on Project 4.

  4. Screencast: Streaming GitHub Process Demo

    A demonstration for Project 4 that starts after you have joined your team repository. The team name is fred.

  5. Screencast: Code Smells notes

    Yes, that is its name, even in research publications.

  6. Exercise 71: Code Smells Crossword
  7. Screencast: Git Animation

    Credit to Dr. Heather Guarnera, a former UA computer science major who is now an Assistant Professor at The College of Wooster.

  8. Exercise 72: Git Animation Crossword

Screencast Folder: Class 25 Wed Nov 18

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Nov 19