3460:480 Software Engineering (SE) Fall 2021 Section 010

Project Streaming

Your company purchased a streaming video service. The plan is to use this code (and associated data-mining platform) for a future software product.

Your team is in charge of the software. The immediate goal is to bring this codebase up to company development standards by filling in the (primarily missing) unit test cases and performing refactorings. You are not to add any new features, or change the code’s behavior in any way, only improve the design and implementation quality of the current functionality.

Each team has a GitHub Classroom repository. An invitation link to create the repository is on the Brightspace course page. All work is through the project repository via issues, branches, and pull requests. Discussions will take place via the issues tracking system in GitHub.

You have the following overall work to do:

For each of these activities:


The only allowed changes to the code are:

Note that you cannot delete any classes. You can, however, add classes.

Points are deducted from all members of the team for any additional functionality added to the project

Technical Notes: