3460:480 Software Engineering (SE) Fall 2021 Section 010

Week 14 Class 26 Mon Nov 22 Posted: Nov 22


  1. Project 3 Feedback
  2. Project 4 Streaming Test Case Due Date: Mon, Nov 22, Complete Due Date: Thu, Dec 9
  3. No class on Wed, Nov 24 (day before Thanksgiving). My Advising and Office Hours are also cancelled.
  4. Git Animation is from the conference presentation of the paper Recovering Commit Branch of Origin from GitHub Repositories (ICSME’16).


  1. Exercise 59: Software Change Crossword
  2. Exercise 60: Git Animation Crossword See Brightspace for Git Animation link
  3. Exercise 57: Program Comprehension Crossword
  4. Exercise 61: Team Exercise: Streaming III

    Meet with your team in class to discuss getting the test cases finished and setup for refactorings.

    You must attend class to receive credit for team exercises.

All exercises are due by 4 pm on Tue Nov 23