Schedule for the Rest of the Semester

Research Papers

Research papers are due at Noon on Friday, May 7. They must be submitted via the GitHub repository.

Final Exam

The Final is open-book and open-note, due by 5 pm on Friday, May 7. Email me a PDF or text file with your answers.

  1. Of the presentations by the other students, describe an approach, tool, or idea that another student mentioned that is similar to what you are doing or is a good idea for your project. Your answer needs to be at least one paragraph long.

  2. Pick exactly two of the following questions to answer. Write at least a one-page answer for each question.

    1. On the last day of my class presentations, we went over SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). Although I showed many SOA approaches, we discussed one in particular, REST. REST is by far the most common and popular SOA approach. Using what we covered in this course, speculate on why REST is so successful.

    2. Your boss asks you to report which parts of this course are the most applicable to your work. Pick at least four course topics, summarize them, and explain how they apply to your work.

    3. The challenge of any process, particularly Software Engineering, is to support the evolution of products and services. The general conclusion of Lehman’s Laws is that software must evolve, but it is difficult to change an organization and its corresponding process.

    This course has discussed a variety of artifacts, methods that use those artifacts, and processes that incorporate them. Consider a company with an existing software development process. Discuss some possible solutions and approaches for improving this process, both creating a better software product and getting changes to clients faster.