Note Before First Class Meeting

More than any other semester, I am sure that you have questions about the course. I will update this post as needed.

Course Format

The course is online. This format fits the topic well, and much training in the DevOps field is online.

Class time is a combination of the following:

The screencasts and exercises are available by the start of class time and must be viewed/completed by the next day.

Even though you have past class time to view the screencasts and complete the exercises, I strongly suggest that you try to use class time to do this work.


During class time, I am online and available for questions in shared and private chat sessions. My current plan is to use Discord, as I found it worked well last semester.

Office Hours are online. I am available for questions in shared and private chat sessions.

For now, I do not have set times for on-campus office hours.


The draft syllabus for the course is on the main course page. The final version will be available right before the first class meeting.


The Midterm Exam and Final Exam are both online. I am considering a take-home exam for the Midterm and a demonstration for the Final Exam.


The textbook is available from a link on the main course page.