Week 1 Class 1 Mon Aug 24

The first class covers the following:

  1. Screencast: DevOps Class 1 Announcements - Greetings and course announcements, including syllabus, and features of the course
  2. Screencast: DevOps Motivation
  3. Screencast: DevOps Introduction
  4. Exercise 1: Job Requirements Report

    Find two different job listings that have DevOps in the title:

    Write a report that includes the following:

    The overall purpose of this assignment is to create a list of required technical skills.

    Upload the report as a PDF to Brightspace

Exercises are due by 4 pm on Tuesday, Aug 25.

All screencasts are in a folder for that class period. Screencasts are posted by class time, and the corresponding exercises are due the next day. To receive credit for the exercise, you must view the screencast via Brightspace.

The folder for the first class meeting “Class 1 Mon Aug 24” is in Brightspace. To find it:

  1. Log into Brightspace
  2. Select the menu item “Course Materials/Content”
  3. Select “Class Sessions” on the page on the left
  4. Select “Screencasts” in the middle of the page

They are in the folder Class 1 Mon Aug 24. (direct link)

Some screencasts are from the notes, so see the notes page to follow along.