Week 1 Class 2 Wed Aug 26

During this class session:

  1. Screencast: DevOps Class 2 Announcements - Class announcements
  2. Screencast: DevOps Introduction II
  3. Exercise 2: DevOps Introduction Crossword Upload PDF to Brightspace. Use the “Print” button with the “This Page” option.
  4. Screencast: DevOps Agile
  5. Exercise 3: Assign Responsibility - Organize all of the Operation Responsibilities and arrange them by technical skill level, from least technical to most technical. Then, assign each to an Operation Job. Some of the responsibilities may be at the same technical-skill level. Provide some justification for your ranking and assignment. Upload a PDF of this assignment to Brightspace.
  6. Exercise 4: Case Study (see separate post)

Screencasts are in the folder Class 2 Wed Aug 26.

Except for Exercise 4, all exercises are due by 4 pm on Thursday, Aug 25. To receive credit for the exercise, you must view the screencast via Brightspace.

Some screencasts are from the notes, so see the notes page to follow along.