Week 2 Class 5 Wed Sep 2

During this class session:

  1. Screencast: Unix Shells
  2. Exercise 8: DevOps Unix Shells Crossword
  3. Screencast: Container Example II
  4. Exercise 9: DevOps Container Example II Crossword
  5. Exercise 10: Activate CS Account

    You need to activate your CS account to use the department servers. There were problems with these servers, but hopefully, they are fixed. Unfortunately, I cannot try this as a student.

    So follow this process as far as you can. Upload a PDF that shows how far you get. If you don’t understand a step or get stuck, make a note in Brightspace when you upload the PDF. I give full credit for any attempt.

    1. If you are off-campus, get on the campus network via VPN
    2. Go to https://fs1.cs.uakron.edu
    3. Press the continue button
    4. Enter your university email and password
    5. Press the Log In button (?)
    6. It should have you enter a department password
    7. You can now shutdown the VPN to campus VPN Setup
    8. Try to log in to knuth.cs.uakron.edu from SSH, e.g., ssh uanetid@knuth.cs.uakron.edu, where uanetid is your university account name. You do not have to be on the VPN or on the campus network to access knuth.cs.uakron.edu
    9. If you get this far, see if you have a home directory. Try the ‘ls’ command.

Screencasts are in the folder Class 5 Wed Sep 2.

All exercises are due by 4 pm on Thursday, Sep 3. To receive credit for the exercise, you must view the screencast via Brightspace.

Some screencasts are from the notes, so see the notes page to follow along.