Week 2 Class 7 Wed Sep 9

Special Note: Due to the problem on Friday, today’s lesson is the same as Friday’s

During this class session:

  1. Screencast: SSH & SSH Keys
  2. Exercise 11: DevOps SSH Crossword
  3. Exercise 12: .ssh/config Create a .ssh/config file for your account on knuth, or your home machine Make sure that is works. Upload as a text file to Brightspace
  4. Exercise 13: Create an SSH key following the good practices. Generate the key on knuth, or generate the key on your local machine. Submit it on this form Note: Only distribute your public key (the part with the .pub file extension).

Note: When someone requests your SSH key, they mean the entire contents of your public key file (e.g., id_ed25519.pub). Never handout your private key

Screencast is in the folder Class 6/7 Fri/Mon Sep 4/9.

All exercises are due by 4 pm on Thursday, Sep 10. To receive credit for the exercise, you must view the screencast via Brightspace.

Some screencasts are from the notes, so see the notes page to follow along.