Week 3 Class 8 Fri Sep 11

During this class session:

  1. Screencast: More SSH
  2. Exercise 14: DevOps More SSH Crossword
  3. Screencast: Linux Accounts
  4. Exercise 15: DevOps Linux Accounts Crossword Note: Some of the answers require you to view files on knuth
  5. Exercise 16: GitHub SSH Key - See separate post
  6. Exercise 17: SSH Agent Forwarding - See separate post

Screencast is in the folder Class 8 Fri Sep 11.

For the last two exercises, I believe I have given you enough information to complete it. If you have any questions at all, contact me. Note that if you update your public key in the DevOps SSH Key form, there may be a delay as I have to manually add the key to the accounts on the class server.

All exercises are due by 4 pm on Sunday, Sep 13. To receive credit for the exercise, you must view the screencast via Brightspace.

Some screencasts are from the notes, so see the notes page to follow along.