Exercise 17: SSH Agent Forwarding

Note: See special post on SSH Agent Forwarding and ssh-agent

Complete the following in order:

  1. Setup the authentication forwarding ForwardAgent in your ssh config file. If you are using a local machine, you can try it out by ssh into knuth, and then test your GitHub SSH key there. Note: You may have to remove any current ControlMaster control sockets (those special files in your .ssh directory)

Special Note: The ForwardAgent has to be in effect using the proper host name. For now, put the ForwardAgent directive in the “Host *” part.

  1. If you gave me a proper ed25519 SSH public key, you can access a shared account on my class server. Brightspace has the IP address for the server. The following user accounts are setup:
  1. Figure out which account you have access to
  2. Login and clone your private Git repository that you created earlier
  3. If you see other students’ Git repositories, note that you can view (and change) the files, but not commit or pull from GitHub
  4. Do not install a private key on my class server. Other students have access to the same account. Also, be considerate and use this account as little as possible.