Week 4 Class 10 Wed Sep 16

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Session Recorders
  2. Screencast: Running Docker showterm Session

    I am trying something new with this screencast. The screencast is a video of me narrating a showterm session. You can also view the showterm session directly (with no audio, of course). Note that the timing is not quite the same as the video is edited, and sometimes showterm is paused as I discuss the command. If you have trouble seeing the commands, refer to the showterm session.

  3. Exercise 21 & 22: Demonstrate the docker commands used in the Running Docker screencast. This assignment counts as 2 exercises.

    Use showterm to record your session. Install showterm on your local machine (highly recommended) (see showterm.io for installation instructions, or use the class server (accounts class1, class2, .., class5).

    Your session does not have to be perfect. You can mess up commands, etc. Also, don’t enter my mess ups. Note that you can copy and paste from my showterm session, but I suggest you limit it to URLs. Entering the commands will help you to understand and remember them. You may want to follow in the showterm Session as you can move around the session much more easily.

    To start your recorded session:


    To end a recorded session, use a “Control-D” or type:


    I suggest you first experiment recording a showterm session with just a few simple commands.

    After recording your showterm session, a URL of the form http://showterm.io/… will appear. Upload this URL to DevOps Exercises 21 & 22 Running Docker Session

    Make sure to view your session via the URL (enter it into a browser). If you want to break this up, you can create multiple showterm sessions. Just make sure to give me all the URLs.

    If you want to delete a temporary showterm session (not the URL you are submitting), the command is:

    showterm --delete <URL>

Screencast Folder: Class 10 Wed Sep 16

Exercise Due Date: Thursday, Sep 17 at 4 pm