Week 4 Class 11 Fri Sep 18

Class session:

Special Note: The class server now has individual accounts based on your UAID and your submitted key. Transition to using those instead of the shared class1 (class2, etc.) accounts.

  1. Screencast: Build Image Part A showterm Session, SimpleDockerfile Repository

    One thing I should have mentioned is that tokens (as with dockerhub) allow a more restricted access an account than a password. E.g., a token cannot be used to change a password. This follows the “principle of least privilege”. I.e., we only need to pull and push images, not change the account.

  2. Screencast: Build Image Part B

    In two parts due to recording issues. Continuation in the showterm above. I need to work on some tools for easily manipulating showterm sessions.

  3. Exercise 23 & 24: Create a Dockerfile for a container to build a C program (C++ is not needed).

    You can build the Dockerfile off any version of Ubuntu. Once you have it working, demonstrate the following in a single showterm session:

    Your Dockerfile should not only work but demonstrate the principles shown:

    You do not have to pull/push to Docker Hub.

    Upload your single showterm session URL and your Dockerfile to DevOps Exercises 23 & 24 Dockerfile

Screencast Folder: Class 11 Fri Sep 18

Exercise Due Date: Sunday, Sep 20 at 4 pm