Week 5 Class 12 Mon Sep 21

Class session:

  1. Announcement: The class server has individual accounts based on your UAID and your submitted key. The shared class1 (class2, etc.) accounts are now deprecated, and I will remove them by Mon Sep 28.
  2. Screencast: Documenting Docker showterm Session, SimpleDockerfile Repository
  3. Screencast: Installing via URL showterm Session, SimpleDockerfile Repository
  4. Exercise 25: Documenting Dockerfiles & Installing via URL Crossword

    There are many short “words” in this one.

    Inside note. I use crosswordlabs.com to create a crossword. For the first time, I got the warning: “Keep adding more words!” and “We couldn’t place these words on the crossword because they don’t have enough common letters with other words: …”.

  5. Exercise 26: DevOps Docker Vocabulary Make sure to check your answers as you can edit after you submit.
  6. Read the post on the “Imporance of Style”
  7. Exercises 27 & 28: Expand your previous Dockerfile to use:

    Demonstrate this in a container using a single showterm session:

    Your Dockerfile should not only work but demonstrate the principles shown:

    You do not have to pull/push to Docker Hub.

    Upload your single showterm session URL and your Dockerfile to DevOps Exercises 27 & 28 Dockerfile

Screencast Folder: Class 12 Mon Sep 21

Exercise Due Date: Tuesday, Sep 22 at 4 pm