Importance of Style

Programming classes spend an entire semester using a single programming language, e.g., C++ in 3460:209/210.

In DevOps, there are a large number of new technologies with associated special-purpose languages. One term used for this is DSL (Domain Specific Language). Just with Docker, we use general Unix & bash commands, Dockerfile instructions, docker (CLI) commands, and will eventually use Docker Compose declarations. And this is only one technology in the course.

To be successful, do the following:

Style is very important. I have never seen Dockerfile instructions, e.g., “RUN”, in lowercase. I had assumed that these instructions must be uppercase. In the Dockerfile exercise, some of you did not use uppercase. Yes, it worked, but it did not follow the style, and if you were applying for a job and wrote them that way, they would not hire you.

So follow the style you of the examples and documentation:

Doing so is even more critical than with source code. In DevOps, we tend to: