Week 5 Class 13 Wed Sep 23

Class session:

  1. Announcements

    The class server has individual accounts based on your UAID and your submitted key. The shared class1 (class2, etc.) accounts are now deprecated, and I will remove them by Mon Sep 28.

    The class server is on Linode. If you have used it to run docker, you are sharing (with the rest of the class) a $5 a month server. See Brightspace for more details, including a coupon code for $20, which is 4 months of free use of your own server.

  2. Screencast: Dockerfile ADD showterm Session
  3. Screencast: DevOps Dockerfile Build Source showterm Session
  4. Screencast: DevOps Dockerfile ARG & Remote Docker showterm Session
  5. Exercise 29: DevOps Dockerfile ADD, ARG, and Remote Crossword
  6. Exercises 30 & 31: Starting with your previous Dockerfile:

    Demonstrate this in a container using a single showterm session:

    Your Dockerfile should not only work but demonstrate the principles shown:

    You do not have to pull/push to Docker Hub.

    Upload your single showterm session URL and your Dockerfile to DevOps Exercises 30 & 31 Dockerfile

Screencast Folder: Class 13 Wed Sep 23

Exercise Due Date: Thursday, Sep 24 at 4 pm