Week 5 Class 14 Fri Sep 25

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Make on BSD showterm Session
  2. Screencast: Make on Ubuntu showterm Session
  3. Some of the first video is missing. In the cut portion, I discuss the built-in variables:

    Further explanation from the Make Manual

  4. Exercise 32: DevOps Make
  5. Exercises 33 & 34:

    Note: To do this on your own Ubuntu server/installation, you need to install libxml2-dev:

     sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

    The class server already has this package installed.

    Grab the code for SEComplexity and write a Makefile. You can use the screencast to review anything that you missed. Make sure that it works on the demo server.

    I strongly advise that you enter it in steps (as I did), and make sure each part works.

    Then, add the following:

    If both cases, you need to update the Makefile to accommodate these build changes.

    Upload your Makefile to DevOps Exercises 33 & 34 Makefile

Screencast Folder: Class 14 Fri Sep 25

Exercise Due Date: Sunday, Sep 27 at 4 pm