Week 6 Class 16 Wed Sep 30 Posted: Sep 30

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  1. Announcement:

    So the Makefile tab issue. I was getting your Makefiles by going to the form and copying it off the form in the browser. I then tried downloading a CSV file of your submissions. That fixed many of them, but not all. To summarize, with “Correct” meaning a tab and “Incorrect” meaning spaces:

    One lesson from this is to be careful with how you copy/exchange files. Keeping it in file form is always best.

    What I should use is the Google Form file upload.

  2. Screencast: Directory Sharing showterm Session

    Docker documentation on bind mounts

  3. Exercise 38: Docker Directory Sharing Crossword
  4. Screencast: CMake, Make, & Ninja
  5. Exercise 39: CMake & Dance

    Download the dance.cpp file and create a CMake build for it. You can do this in a local machine, or on the class server.

    In a docker container, share the source directory, and demonstrate in a showterm session building the dance program. You can use Make or Ninja, whichever you want to generate using CMake.

    Then demonstrate running the dance program.

    You can use the mlcollard/linux-dev image, or your own. Note that the standard Ubuntu images do not have everything that you need for the build installed.

    Enter your showterm session URL in the form Exercise 39 CMake & Dance

Screencast Folder: Class 16 Wed Sep 30

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Oct 01