Project 1: markturn

Project 1 is due by 11:59:59 pm Friday, Oct 16 Monday, Oct 19.

There are multiple text data formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, TSV, and YAML. Conversion between these formats is not as easy as it should be. Some tools only include two of these formats. Many tools are not customizable and make conversion decisions that do not reflect an understanding of the formats.

The markturn project is a conversion program for text data formats, e.g., XML, JSON, and YAML. It is a command-line program and corresponding library that allows easy conversion between data in these formats. The ultimate goal is to provide customization so a user would not have to use multiple tools when converting between these formats. And, of course, the program is a platform for additional text data formats.

The project is just starting, with mostly skeleton code. I.E., many of the files are there but are unimplemented. Regardless, the necessary files exist, and the dependencies on external libraries are in place.

You can get your repository through the GitHub Classroom link on the Brightspace page.

The project does not currently have a build. Developers are entering build commands manually. So you are to create a CMake build for the project. This build is to accomplish the following:

I will update the code throughout the project as I implement more parts of the code. These updates are in the form of pull requests so you can control when they are part of your repository. At the end of the project, all pull requests must be accepted.

As you create this, keep in mind the following: