Week 8 Class 22 Wed Oct 14 Posted: Oct 14

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  1. Announcement:

    Did not get as much content out in pull requests for Project 1 as I hoped. So extending the due date to 11:59:59 pm Monday, Oct 19.

    Note that on real projects, files are constantly being added/deleted/renamed. Directories are reorganized. New library are added, and old libraries are deleted. Reponsibility for the build, including the environment for the build, is one that never stops.

  2. Screencast: DevOps ctest Example Part B
  3. Screencast: DevOps Exit Status
  4. Screencast: DevOps CPack
  5. Exercise 51: DevOps CPack

Screencast Folder: Class 22 Wed Oct 14

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Oct 15