Week 9 Class 24 Mon Oct 19 Posted: Oct 19

Class session:

  1. Announcement:

    For Project 1, I will not make any more pull requests.

  2. Screencast: Dockerfile ARG & ENV

  3. Exercise 54: DevOps ARG & ENV Crossword

    Answers for options include prefix and internal dashes.

  4. Screencast: CMake Hierarchies

    Concepts from SE:

    Base Example: CMakeHierarchy

    Separate Testing: subprojects

  5. Exercise 55: DevOps CMake Hierarchies Crossword

    Assume the Git repository is in your home directory.

    Answers may include underscore, “_”, and paths, “/”.

Screencast Folder: Class 24 Mon Oct 19

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Tuesday, Oct 20