Week 9 Class 25 Wed Oct 21 Posted: Oct 21

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Dockerfile CMD & ENTRYPOINT
  2. Exercise 56: Action Dockerfiles

    Create a separate Dockerfile for each of the following:

    a) Default command is to cat the file /etc/os-release, but it can be replaced by any command via the docker run.

    b) Default command is ls -lh, but the user can specify the directory (default is /)

    c) Default command is ls -lh bin, but the user can specify a different directory instead of bin

    The line ... indicates the output was truncated on this page. Your output will not be truncated.

    Use the exec form (the one with brackets) instead of the shell form.

    Upload all three to DevOps Exercise 56: Action Dockerfiles

  3. Screencast: Command Automation

    One example of a program that uses ssh and does follow the ssh configuration file is git.

  4. Exercise 57: Command Automation

    Create a showterm session to demonstrate the following:

    Try to be creative with your examples.

    Upload to DevOps Exercise 57: Command Automation

Screencast Folder: Class 25 Wed Oct 21

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Thursday, Oct 22