Week 9 Class 26 Fri Oct 23 Posted: Oct 23

Class session:

  1. Announcements:

    The due date for Project 2 is now Monday, Oct 26.

    Part of a screencast today may help you with Project 2. Moreover, you may need to make adjustments to Project 1.

    If you want to make adjustments to Project 1, go ahead and do so.

    Lots of parts today, but screencast time is shorter.

  2. Exercise 59: Certification Exam Survey

    Part of the class will be training material (provided by Microsoft) towards the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam.

    Microsoft is providing a free Certification Exam for students in this program. In order to set this up, I need to figure out some details about scheduling.

    Please fill in the survey at the link provided in the title.

  3. Screencast: CMake in the Real World

    List all variables:

    Examples from the srcML build. Not all of the srcML build is up to date with techniques from this class.




    Using DISTRO

  4. Screencast: Docker Compose Basics
  5. Exercise 60: Docker Compose Basics Crossword
  6. Exercises 61 & 62: Basic docker-compose.yml

    a. Create a docker-compose.yml so that when using the command

     docker-compose up

    outputs the file docker-compose.yml in the current directory.

    Try to use version 3.8. If you can’t, use the highest version number on the system you are using.

    Install instructions Only have to do Step 1.

    Docker Compose Releases

    b. Create a showterm session to demonstrate running your Docker Compose file.

    Upload to Form Exercises 61 & 62: Basic docker-compose.yml

Screencast Folder: Class 26 Fri Oct 23

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Sunday, Oct 25