Week 10 Class 27 Mon Oct 26 Posted: Oct 26

Class session:

  1. Screencast: Docker Compose Mass Build
  2. Screencast: Docker Compose for Debugging

    Note how the state of the container is preserved, even if stopped.

    The --force-recreate caused the container to lose the previous state.

  3. Exercise 63: Docker Compose Mass Build

    The answers for options include hyphens.

    Some of the answers may require looking at the --help for the commands.

  4. Screencast: Docker Compose Anchors & Aliases
  5. Exercises 64-67: Docker Compose Anchors & Aliases

    Create a Docker Compose file for running a command on at least two different services. The services are identical except for the image. Use any publicly-available images.

    Use a GitHub Classroom repository Alias&Anchors with the link on Brightspace.

    Create the Docker Compose file in at least 4 separate versions described below. Tag each version using the terms below.

    For each version, make sure that they are equivalent. Use the command docker-compose config to verify for each change.

Screencast Folder: Class 27 Mon Oct 26

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Tuesday, Oct 27