Week 11 Class 32 Fri Nov 06 Posted: Nov 06

Class session:

  1. Announcement:

    Some comments about the Midterm Exam based on your questions and your current commits:

  2. Screencast: DevOps CPack DEB II
  3. Exercise 75:

    Continue to make the same changes to the file as shown in today’s screencasts. Use the GitHub Classroom repository that you used for CPack DEB.

  4. Screencast: Hub: Git & Docker

    When you connect a GitHub account to a Docker Hub acccount, if you have access to a repository on GitHub, then the Docker Hub account has access to it, including those of organizations you belong to (i.e., work). Better to use a separate account.

    My accounts used in the screencast:

    If you try this yourself, when you connect at Docker Hub, make sure you are logged into the GitHub account you want to link to. In the same browser.

  5. Exercise 76: Hub: Git & Docker Crossword

    Some answers to git commands do not appear in the screencast and require the command’s help option or manpage.

Screencast Folder: Class 32 Fri Nov 06

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Sunday, Nov 08