Week 12 Class 35 Fri Nov 13 Posted: Nov 13

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  1. Announcement:

    Today’s overall goal is to get Jenkins using Docker to build on a different Linux distribution than the one Jenkins is using.

    We almost get there. All we have to do is to change the agent in the pipeline. We need to install a Docker plugin for Jenkins. Unfortunately, the plugin server for Jenkins was down all of Thursday and still not up at this time.

    Once that is up, we are very close to building in a Docker container on a per-distro basis.

  2. Screencast: Jenkins: DIND & DOOD

    Jenkins Install Commands

  3. Exercise 81: Jenkins DOOD

    Install Docker into a Jenkins container.

    Then create a screencast showing that it works in DOOD mode from both the host and inside the container.

    Shell into the container as root, so you do not have to deal with permission setup.

    Submit the showterm URL

  4. Screencast: Jenkins: Pipeline

    srcML Pipeline

  5. Exercise 82: Jenkins Pipeline

    Get a project to build in a Jenkins pipeline.

    Submit the pipeline code (Groovy syntax)

Screencast Folder: Class 35 Fri Nov 13

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Sunday, Nov 15