Week 13 Class 36 Mon Nov 16 Posted: Nov 16

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  1. Announcement:

    Today we start on Azure Fundamentals. As a reminder, this material is provided by Microsoft towards the taking, and hopefully passing, the AZ900 Azure Fundamentals Certification. In exchange for the class going through this material, all students receive a chance to take the AZ900 Certification Exam for free.

    John Corby, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of UA, approached me about this late last Spring. I went ahead with it because:

    To present this material, I taught myself the topic and took (and passed) the same certification exam you will be taking.

    Microsoft provides the slides and labs. I will point out any changes that I make. I see Microsoft’s goals as a) generating more people who understand cloud in general and Azure in particular, and b) seeing how the notes and material could be improved.

    I will discuss the Certification Exam later. The class will take the online exam during the last week of classes, and you will receive credit for taking the exam, even if you do not pass.

    If you have any questions or issues, please let me know. Questions are particularly crucial as these are not my notes, and this is the first time we are using this material.

  2. Screencast: Azure: Module 01-1: Why Cloud Services? Notes

  3. Screencast: Azure: Module 01-2: Types of Cloud Models Notes

  4. Screencast: Azure: Module 01-3: Types of Cloud Services Notes

  5. Exercise 83: Azure Module 1 Review Questions

    You only have one chance to answer, so answer carefully. Use the class slides and other Azure material.

  6. Screencast: Azure Portal Introduction

  7. Exercise 84: Azure Portal

    Log into the Azure Portal using your UA id and password.

    Submit a screenshot via Brightspace

    Note: If you already sent me a screenshot (via Discord or email), you do not have to upload one.

Screencast Folder: Class 36 Mon Nov 16

Exercise Due Date: 4 pm on Tuesday, Nov 17